Saint Kateri

First Grade

In First Grade, the emphasis remains firmly on developing your child’s reading and math skills, but lessons in art, social studies, science, and physical education may be incorporated as well. Although some skills will resemble those your six year old learned in kindergarten, keep in mind that 1st grade is mostly about mastering lessons previously taught.

Generally speaking, your child will be expected to:

Recognize and write all of the letters of the alphabet in upper and lowercase forms
Write her first and last name
Identify sounds corresponding to vowels and consonants
Uses initial consonant sounds and sound patterns to read words (for example, f + an = fan; r + an = ran)
Read several sight words, including names of colors
Retell a story including details
Put events of a story in order
Write simple sentences using sight words and phonics skills
Listening and Communication

Listen attentively
Raise her hand and wait to speak
Follow and repeat spoken directions
Engage in question-and-answer dialogue with classmates and teachers
Works as a team on projects or problem-solving
Relate stories, songs, or poems heard on tape to others
Focus on the lesson being taught

Sort and classify objects using one or more attributes
Recognize and write numbers up to 100
Tell when one number is greater or less than another
Count orally by ones, five, and tens to 100
Name ordinal numbers first through tenth
Perform simple addition and subtraction
Understand spatial relationships (top/bottom, near/far, before/behind)
Compare quantities by estimating, weighing, and measuring
Uses graphs to gather information
Recognize patterns and shapes
Tell time to the nearest half-hour
Count money
Recite the days of the week and the months of the year

Every child learns at a different speed and in a different style, so don’t worry if your child hasn’t yet mastered every skill on the list. Remember, too, that most children are rusty after a summer off, and teachers expect to spend the early part of the year in review.

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