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Our 3 year old Program is composed of many components that allow our students to develop at their own pace. Students in our 3 year old program are surrounded by professional educators with over 40 years experience. Below is a description of our programs vast components:

Welcome Circle:
Each day we will begin class with a Welcome Circle. The class will meet to start our day with prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance. The Calendar and weather will also be done at this time. It is a great way to transition the children into school and get them excited about the day to come.

Free Play:
During free play the children may choose what activity they would like to do. This helps foster independence. Through play the children learn communication skills as well as skills such as taking turns. It is also a great chance for them to build bonds with their classmates. I use this time to work with individuals or small groups to reinforce concepts we are working on in class.

Students will experience Music, Spanish and Amazing Athletes through out the week. Art is embedded in our program on a daily basis.

Each day the children will learn something new. I am always amazed with the amount of knowledge these little sponges leave Nursery with. Lessons will consist of math, science, social studies, and language arts taught in a fun and interesting way. We will read books and sing songs to reinforce the concepts we are learning about. Here are some of the concepts we will cover:

Bathroom and Snack Time:
Before snack all the children will have a chance to use the bathroom and wash their hands. They are not limited to using the bathroom at this time. We do take them whenever they have to go but this way they all have clean hands before we eat snack. When we return from the bathroom we say a prayer before eating. Each family will be asked to send in a box of dry snacks at the beginning of the month. This will be shared with the entire class for the month. Milk can be purchased at $.25 per carton. Please see the milk program informational form for further details. Additional healthy snacks may be sent in on an individual basis for your child.

During center time the children will take part in four different activities. Two activities will be related to the lesson of the day and will be teacher directed. The other two centers will be more open ended or play oriented. Teacher directed activities include, practicing writing/tracing letters and numbers, art activities, educational games and puzzles, listening activities, and using manipulatives to reinforce math concepts. Child directed activities may include, blocks and builders, peg boards, kitchen/dramatic play, waffle blocks, floor puzzles, cars and garages, workbench, farm toys and sensory table. Children will rotate based on ability level. The two teacher-directed activities will be modified to fit the ability level of each group. This way the children will be taking part in activities that fit their specific ability/age appropriate level.

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