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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to prepare your student for Kindergarten. Many students are at varing levels, therefore our program will always meet your child at their developmental level. Our students typically graduate from our program mastering basic literacy skills. Our Pre-Kindergarten students participate in Art, Music, Spanish, Science Enrichment, Library and Amazing Athletes each week.

What does your child do during the day? Below, you will find a schedule of a typical day.


Children arrive. Put things away and choose a quiet, table activity, such as Puzzles, Books, Writing, Magnet Letters, Puzzles, Peg Boards.

Clean Up. We gather at the Library Area to begin our day. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer.

Circle Time - Circle time is child directed. We put the calendar number up and count forwards and backwards, as well as, talk about the month of the year and the day of the week. We discuss what the weather is and put a symbol on the Weather Graph. Every day we read our morning letter. We practice sound-spelling, letter/word recognition and early reading skills. We also read a Big Book that is connected to our theme. (Circle Time starts out with only some of these components, by the end of October we have added all the components.)

Large Group Activitiy - We spend time doing a literacy or math activity.

Literacy Centers - The children choose an area to go to during this time. The areas open during the morning are:

Writing / Language Arts Area: The children use writing materials to create writings, books, or pictures. They also use the Stamps, Letter Magnets, Letter Cubes, Wipe-Off boards, and Chalkboards. All of these materials are used to encourage the children to write as well as develop their letter identification skills.

Library / Listening Area: The children "read" books and listen to story tapes. They are also encouraged to count the numbers on the calendar and to read the class letter. The goal is to encourage the children to enjoy reading and learn necessary skills to make them successful readers.

Art Area: The children work on activities that correlate to the letter that we are learning about. We use different art materials, including watercolors, finger paint, paper, buttons, and macaroni.

Math Center: The children work with materials to gain an understanding of numbers, measurement, one-to-one correspondence and spatial relationships. Some of the materials we will be using are counters, puzzles, scales, peg boards, pattern blocks, and BINGO games.

Clean Up

Religion - We read Bible stories and do activities.

Journal Time - The children draw and write letters. At the beginning of the year, children dictate to me what their picture is about. By the end of the year, the children are encouraged to write and copy words that they know or that can be found around the classroom.

Story Time & Get Ready for Lunch. All the children use the bathroom during this time.


REST TIME - Children rest quietly on their mats. I read a chapter book for part of the time and then turn on music.

Afternoon Circle - We read a theme related book and do activities, for example, science experiments.

Centers - Afternoon centers are more theme-based. Our themes are usually science or social studies based. The centers that are usually open in the afternoon are:

Dramatic Play: This is the housekeeping area. The children play house, cook, and take care of the babies. This area will change during the year, depending on our theme.

Blocks: This area has the blocks, cars, and other building materials.

Doll House: This is our doll house with furniture and people.

Computers: The children use computer games to help increase their learning. By the end of the year, many of the children will be able to access computer games and turn the computer on correctly.

Game Table: The children use the animals, games and other activities at this table. This table is used for theme-related activities throughout the year.

Puppet Theater: The children use the puppets to make-up stories and put on plays.

Clean Up Time

Group Share Time - We talk and share what we learned or worked on for the day.

Get Ready to Go Home - The children get ready to go home. We sing songs during this time.


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